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http://www.rilin.state.ri.us  Click on Legislation.


For information on a Bill, click on “Bill Status History.”  For information on Committee schedules, click on “Committee Agendas.”  SEE BELOW.  Bill language printed in BLUE is NEW wording.


BILLS:  Click on “Bill Status History.”  Click on Bill Status History again (in BLUE letters).  Type in the Bill number (for H1234, type in ONLY 1234).  For more than one Bill, type in 1234, 1235, 1236. Then, if you want to read the Bill, click on the BLUE Bill number.  If you are searching by sponsor OR category of the Bill, click on the ARROW at the end of the Sponsor or Category line to get a listing.  Click on the one you want, then click on ENTER at bottom of screen.


To go back to the Bill Status History screen, click on the left-pointing arrow at top left of screen.  You CAN type over a Bill number, but to wipe a category or sponsor name, click on the ARROW and go all the way to the top—WHICH IS A BLANK SPACE—and click there.


On the Bill Status History screen you can also look at Bills introduced daily—BY DATE.  Under “Daily Introductions,” click on either House Bills or Senate Bills.  The date screen comes up, and you click on the date you want—then click on ENTER at bottom of screen.  To back out you can click on BACK or the arrow at top left of screen.


COMMITTEE SCHEDULES:  Click on “Committee Agendas.”  Click on the Committee name.  Screen gives you the Committee name, meeting room, date of hearing, and Bills to be heard.  If you want to go to the Bill itself, click on the BLUE Bill number.  Use the arrow at left top to back out. 

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